To do in Asturias

Asturias is one of the tourist regions with more relevancy in the north of Spain. Known by his nature and his “green” typical one, it represents a tourist destination of obliged visit. Dozens of possible options and insured amusement. From his nature reserves, museums, beaches, mountains, art and gastronomy.

Beaches of interest

  • Beach of Vega (Ribadesella)
  • Beach of Santa Marina (Ribadesella)
  • Beach of L’Atalaya (Ribadesella)
  • Beach of Arra (Ribadesella)
  • Beach of Guadamía (Ribadesella)
  • Beach of Cuevas del Mar
  • Beach of Gulpiyuri
  • Beach of San Antonio
  • Beach of Arenal de Morís

Mountains and Nature

Cities of Asturias

Oviedo is today an opened and modern city of great international projection across the Prizes Prince of Asturias. His wide offer museística and in general cultural they provide to the city of a particular enrichment to the city. The capital of the Principality practises with respect and I succeed his function of the capital..

Modern and hospitable city. His opened nature creates an ideal environment for all kinds of cultural, commercial and political offers. Headquarters of fairs, conventions, congresses, big concerts and sports and cultural events..

City re-converted to manufacturer leaving behind his seaworthy and rural origins. The spectacular demographic growth turns to the city in Asturian modal. Nowadays it possesses important architectural both civil and religious jewels, between them to emphasize the recent construction of the modern Center Niemeyer.

Tourist destinations


  • The most traditional plate in the Asturias is the known Fabada. The Fabada is a stew done with fabes, a variety very quoted of white bean or string bean and accompanied based on pudding, lacón and bacon. To this set the compangu is named according to the tradition.
  • It exists tradicción culinary also in the meat of veal and of ox, which enjoys enough appraisal.
  • There are very quoted also the fished ones and seafood of Cantabrian origin (Mar Cantábrico)
  • There exist innumerable varieties of original cheeses of the region. Most known maybe it is The Cheese Cabrales. Also there are very known the cheeses of Gamonedo and Aguega’l Pitu.
  • In what concerns desserts we advise them not to go away without proving the rice with milk and the casadielles, the above mentioned are a type of crepé landfill of dried fruits.
  • The Asturian pie has many followers in the region and out of her.
  • As for the drink though are not very recognized the wines of Asturian origin if it has a great importance the one that is undoubtedly the drink most valued for the Principality: the Cider., drink made from the fermentation of the juice of apple of casks.

Activities of Active Tourism or Adventure Tourism

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