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Adventure Tourism Activities

Descent in canoes of Sella River (traditional descent)

One of the activities of active tourism more demanded in the whole Spain, the decrease of the river Sella in Canoe. In summer hundreds of persons dare with this adventure without equally. From 6 years old.

Surf (clic images to increase)

Our beaches are of surplus known by his marvellous waves. You cannot get lost a good session of surf in Ribadesella and his beaches before leaving. Rent, courses, surfcamps, we inform you in reservation desk. Do not miss the opportunity.

Walks astride

Enjoy the nature of Asturias, the mountains, the rivers, the meadows, mounted in horse. An experience that you cannot get forget.

Routes in Quad

The quad are ” motorcycles of 4 wheels “. A marvellous way of approaching the landscapes and the Asturian nature. They will guide you for paths that alone are passable for these motorcycles 4. It is a motorized very advisable experience, engine and nature, for all the ages.


It unloads adrenaline with this activity of shots with balls of painting. If you come in group you cannot get lost. Recognized as exceptional activity of group for companies, bachelor’s farewells and groups of friends.

Decrease Ravines

The decrease of ravines with official instructor is an experiencia for the most bold. Adrenaline, beauty, and nature.

Route of the Cheese and the Cider

One of the gastronomic routes most known in the Easter Asturias. If it attracts the Asturian gastronomy it will not disappoint you by no means. Route recognized nationally.

Golf course ” La Rasa”

If you are a lover of the Golf, you want to begin, or simply to happen an enterteining day. He visits the golf course of “La Rasa”.


In Asturias the hiking turns into something natural. Multitude of routes of improvisación. In any modality, the beauty and the amusement they are insured.